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System Requirements

     - iPhone4, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 3G or iPhone 2G or iPod Touch (any) or iPad (any)

     - iOS 4.0 or greater

     - Wi-Fi or 3G access only needed for Maps, Web Views, and Emails from the app




How do I get started?


You must create at least one Client or Project to use the other modules.  In the Projects view, add a new project, enter the client name and other details, and Save.


Why isn't this app free or $0.99?


Our apps are business productivity app that is targeted to a specific niche markets.  It is not a game or app that is targeted to the general public that expects free or very low cost apps.  Because our market is limited, we do have to recover our development costs over less customers.  Any business professional that finds value in the app can certainly afford the price.


Why do your apps look like some of the standard iPhone apps?


mAccountant and mConsultant was specifically designed to look similar to the standard iPhone apps such as Calendar, Contacts, Mail, and Settings.  We closely followed Apple's interface guidelines to provide a familiar, easy to use app.  We believe that Apple has great designers and developed standards for a reason, so we didn't change the look.


Why doesn't it integrate with Calendar app?


The ability to integrate to the Calendar app was only recently introduced in iOS 4.0.  Because many users have not yet upgraded to iOS 4.0, we elected not to include iOS 4.0-specific functionality at this time.  Integration with the Calendar app will be provided in a future release.


Why doesn't it do invoicing?


Invoicing is a task that is normally done while you're in the office and not while you are on the go.  Invoicing is best done from your desktop or laptop computer, not from your iPhone.


Why doesn't it have a timer?


In our experience, most people do not track their time by a timer.  If you need a timer, this is probably not the right app for you.  The App Store has several good time tracking apps that have timers that may suit your needs.


Why doesn't it sync with website or desktop app?


As users of apps ourselves, we hate it when you have to register with some website or install some desktop software to use an app.  And the only items that typically need to be transferred to another computer is time and expense data.  You can attach detail CSV files for your time and expenses to an email directly in the app.


Why are there no alerts or reminders?


The ability to have local alerts or reminders is a feature recently released in iOS 4.0.  This will be provided in a future release.


Do I need 3G or Wi-Fi access to use these apps?


mConsultant was designed so that it can be used on airplanes and other times when 3G or Wi-Fi is not available.  The only functions that require access are maps, email, and web links.


How do I get time and expense data to other computers?


In the summary screens for Time and for Expenses, the top menu bar includes a button which will automatically create a Comma Separated Values (CSV) file of all of your time (or expenses) and attach it to an email.  You can then email it to yourself or whoever you want.  The CSV attachment then can be imported easily into your spreadsheet program or timesheet/expense report application.


How do I add tasks?


The Tasks (in the Time module) and the Task Categories (in the Tasks module) have been pre-populated with many of the most common consulting or employee tasks.  However, you can add your own by clicking on the "+" button.


How do I add airports?  How do I delete airports?


Most of the largest U.S. airports and some of the major international airports have been pre-populated.  However, you can add additional airports you need by clicking on the "+" button.  If you wish to delete an airport, just swipe left to right on the cell and click the delete button.


How do I change the default currency symbol?


mConsultant has settings available in the iOS Settings App.  Close out of mConsultant and go into the Settings app and find the listing for mConsultant and select it.  You can then change the currency symbol to what you wish.


How do I change the standard billing rate?


As above, go into the iOS Settings App and find the mConsultant settings.  You can change your default standard billing rate.  You can also enter your home airport.


How do I find locations such as the client's or hotel's locations?


Click on the green Maps button underneath the address and you will be taken directly to the address in the Google Maps app.



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