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Mobile Accountant (mAccountant) is an iPhone app that improves the productivity of accountants.  mAccountant is an integrated app that provides accountants the ability to track and retrieve information on clients, time, expenses, professional certifications, continuing professional education (CPE), travel details, schedules, and deadlines while traveling or away from their office.  mAccountant provides multiple integrated functions that eliminate the need for many separate single purpose apps.


Mobile Accountant was designed by accountants for use by other accountants.  Equally suitable for partners, management and staff of accounting firms as well as sole practitioners, mAccountant is customized for the activities most needed by accountants.


Mobile Accountant includes features for tracking and retrieving information on:


-          Clients

-          Time

-          Expenses

-          Schedules

-          Professional Certifications

-          Continuing Professional Education (CPE)

-          Travel Details




                  Travel Reward Programs

-          Deadlines


mAccountant is a stand-alone integrated iPhone app that does not require Wi-Fi or 3G access (except for email, maps, and web links).  Also, mAccountant does not require registering with any website or sign-ups of any kind.


mAccountant takes advantage of the unique iOS design features and multi-touch interface to minimize typing and repetitive tasks.  Included are selection lists and pickers customized to the specific terminology of accountants.


mAccountant is the first app of its kind, providing multiple integrated functions tailored for the accounting profession.  Most of the other business productivity apps currently available are single purpose apps designed for any profession.


Mobile Accountant allows a accountant to quickly retrieve important information, record time and expenses, and other tasks while on the go.  mAccountant frees up your mind from remembering the many small details regarding travel and projects so you can focus on the difficult tasks in accounting.




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