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Business Idea Manager



Business Idea Manager provides future or current entrepreneurs to record, track, and qualify new business ideas. Great for entrepreneurs that generate many ideas.

At a minimum, you can just enter the name and description of your new business idea as you think of it. Later you can enter other details to further explain and qualify your idea.

Business Idea Manager helps you think through your business idea. You can record details about:

* Idea Profile - including business need, vision, products & services, and other information
* Market - including target market customer profiles, revenue sources, sales channels, marketing ideas, and pricing considerations
* Competition - including competitive assessment, barriers to competition, and differentiators
* Finance - including startup capital requirements, primary sources and uses of funds, and projections
* Operations - including management, staffing, facilities, and equipment requirements

You can easily sort your ideas by name, number, status, or industry. You can email your entire list of ideas or the details of a single idea for sharing your ideas.

Quit writing down business ideas on napkins and scratch paper - keep them organized on Business Idea Manager!













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