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iOS devs - have lots of app ideas? App Idea Manager allows you to quickly capture your app ideas. Quit writing your app ideas on scraps of paper that get scattered or lost. Quit rewriting lists because you change your mind or your priorities.

App Idea Manager allows you to quickly sort your app ideas by name, number, status, or category so you can view the list the way you want. You can capture as much or as little detail as you want on your app ideas.

App Idea Manager also prompts you to think through some of the key details to qualify your app, such as your target market, revenue sources, and competitive analysis. Keep track of you design ideas, such as icon ideas, data persistence type, and localizations. Track key development details including dates, costs, and effort. Keep some basic information you need for the App Store.

All of us iOS devs have lots of details on our minds. Offload your app ideas to App Idea Manager and help clear some space!










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